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About Ruth Batten

Ruth Batten

Ruth's passion with portraiture became evident when she started photographing people in the college studio and taking models out on location shoots. After completing a degree in Photography, film and video at Westminster University Ruth was commissioned for various shoots by Ludus and Penthouse for Women magazines.

Ruth took part in a Russian/ British documentary expedition with ten other English and Russian photographers, where she spent several months in the main cultural capital of St Petersburg, Russia.

Ruth Batten now specialises in portrait photography in loughton, Essex and London. She has photographed a wide range of subjects including model portfolios, male and female portraits, family portraits, child portraits, actor headshots, party and event photography. She uses a fully equipped portrait studio in Waltham Abbey and does photo shoots on location as well as in peoples homes. All Ruth's photography is taken with Nikon cameras and professional lighting equipment.

"I really get a buzz out of creating amazing photos for people, my aim is to capture the uniqueness and beauty of each person."

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"Ruth Batten's attention to detail and expertise with cameras, lighting and set-up really made our photos top class. It gave them the professional sheen we had been looking for...recommended!" Joski, Musician
"I have just had a look at my birthday photo's some of them are amazing and really funny" Mina
"Thank you Ruth, they look lovely.... Great atmosphere. Thanks for the extra Pics. Fantastic!... I definitely think that Mum and Dad will adore them too." Lucia, Musician
"Most people find it hard to relax during a photo shoot, smiling feels false and twitches can develop. What I liked about my session with Ruth was she took the time to help me relax and make it a pleasant experience. By doing that, she captured my genuine smile; the results were perfectly flattering photographs that I was proud to own and display" K Newton
"I had a lovely day's photo shoot with Ruth. It was great fun, she made me feel very relaxed and brought out the best side of me in the photos. I was extremely pleased with how the photos turned out" Karen Frandsen, artist and TV presenter
"Thank you" We really Loved the pictures! They're fab!" Sara, Robby and Noah. Model & Musician
"I love Ruth taking my photo, she is very professional, but is also very good at making you feel relaxed. You enjoy your session and before you know it after a few clicks she has created a stunning picture. As they say every picture tells a story and boy can Ruth not only make you look beautiful, but each picture is so natural, when can I come again?" Rose-Marie Haddow